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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 23, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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as he was sexting with somebody. anthony weiner admits he's deeply flawed. usually we find out mayors are deeply flawed once they are already mayor. in this case we know in advance. i guess that's a positive. just hours after the white house tries to write-off the d.c. scandals with this -- >> some phony scandals that have captured the attention of many in washington only to dissipate. take scandals or things like that. >> did you hear hadthat? phony. fake. strong words from the president's spokesman but a new report says the irs scandal is very real. welcome everyone. this is area "your world." a new time line about the irs scandal. this puts the white house front and center because one day
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before the new irs guidelines on targeting conservatives were put in place, a top white house official reportedly met with the head of the irs. to patrick howly who broke this story. i want to make sure i got this right. a top political appointee of the president meets with the top guy at the irs in the white house the day before the targeting guidelines are changed. you say that that is a link between the irs scandal and the white house, correct? >> yes, absolutely. on april 23rd, 2012, the irs chief counsel william wilkins already implicated in congressional testimony as an overseer of the targeting scandal met with president obama personally in the roosevelt room of the white house on april 23rd. the next day on april 24th, douglas douglas scu hman meant in the white house. they signed in for 8 1/2 hours. that was on the night before the guidelines were revised.
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>> i want to take you through this statement. here's what they said to us today. "the meeting referenced in the article had nothing to do with the irs guidance on tax exempt entities. there zients never had a meeting on this topic during his entire tenure at omb." they are clearly questioning your story. >> i have sources questioning their statement as well. you know, they also took issue with the fact that i reported it was an 8 1/2 hour meeting. they thought it was 1 1/2 hours. the white house visitor logs show very clearly they were there for 8 1/2 hours. i don't know what they were doing for the other seven. maybe they were playing cards or something. >> your story goes on to suggest that he disappeared or went awol for an extended period of time. the statement to address that said that he had simply gone to south africa to visit his wife's
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relatives as he does frequently in the summer. >> a white house source told me there's a lot of concern in the administrationed ed about wheres and where he's been since he left his post two weeks before the irs scandal broke in april of this year. they don't know where he is. they know he's overseas and there's growing concern. if he really was just visiting his family, you would think people would have known that. >> do you know that he talked with mr. schuman about these tax exempt entities and targeting of conservatives. >> there's no way to know what was said in that meeting but the timing is very scary. >> you're drawing a conclusion from the fact the meeting was held at that particular time, correct? >> i'm not drawing a conclusion. i'm just reporting the facts and allowing people to make their own conclusions. >> okay. the conclusion that is being drawn by many people is that this has gone straight up the food chain right beyond the doorstep of the white house and
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inside the white house. that is the conclusion that many people are drawing from your story. standing by it? >> if people are making that conclusion, i think that the evidence is in place to support that. >> okay. we'll conclude the debate for now. i'll move on from there. we'll be back to this shortly. thanks very much. a new poll putting the president's approval rating at 41%. that's down from 50% back in april of this year. real clear politics says these scandals are having an impact. tom, can you date the period from which the president's approval rating starts to decline. is that the start of the scandal? >> not exactly. he was elected with 51% approval rating. he had a post-election honeymoon in december. was up around 54% and started the decline at the beginning of the new year. the scandal definitely has taken its toll over the course of months and this poll that you mentioned that came out today,
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the last survey was taken at the end of april and so you can see over the ensuing ten weeks or so the president's dropped nine points in that approval rating in that poll and in our real clear politics average about five points overall. >> do you think that not just scandals but for example the impending chaos of obama care. did that have an impact? >> sure. i think it's everything. i think that the scandals have taken their toll on part of what the president, his most valued assets he has left in his presidency which is personal likeability and his trustworthiness. both have taken a hit. the economy hasn't really done a whole heck of a lot and he was elected without much -- there doesn't seem to be much of a second-term agenda and that's taken a toll as well. >> how does 41% approval rating rate compared to other
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presidents in their second term presidency? >> depends on the presidency obviously. with george w. bush in his second term, his approval rating was going down in that same range. it's not great. it's not great. as we look forward to 2014, president obama with a 41% approval rating is much more of a headwind for democrats especially in these red states and there are a lot of anymore in red states up for re-election next year than a president obama with a 51% or 55% approval rating where he was a few months ago. it's a big factor as we head forward to the 2014 elections. >> we appreciate you being with us. thank you very much indeed. an interesting poll. an interesting result. thanks. >> thanks. now, for two days in a row we heard the white house press secretary jay carney calling this scandal fake. calling it phony. you heard it earlier in this program. we have a democratic strategist that thinks otherwise. you think this is indeed a fake and phony scandal. you agree with that?
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>> i do, stewart. >> let me take you through this. it's not just restricted to cincinnati. it has moved to d.c., right? >> we're talking about the washington, d.c. office of the irs. not necessarily the white house. >> it has gone to the chief white house -- the chief irs scandal, a political appointee, who did indeed hold a meeting inside the white house. >> i will argue with the daily caller's reporting. you asked him important questions. what they're doing at this daily caller which as you know is a very right wing perspective newspaper. he has an agenda. all he's doing is drawing guilt by association. you asked him pointblank whether he had any evidence whatsoever that these procedures were discussed. he had none whatsoever. the only reason he has this information is because the white house visitor logs are public which the obama administration in an historic commitment to transparency has made public. it's backfiring a little bit
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politically because right wing reporters have access to those logs. >> hold on a second. we have scott here from you think it's not a fake scandal. make your point. >> it's not a fake scandal. a fake scandal is what the white house would like us to believe with benghazi and fast and furious. in reality we have documents that show that we were targeted along with other tea party organizations that were not just mistakenly targeted and for him to say that this is the most historically transparent administration, that is truly a fake statement. >> i have a scandal for you. here's a scandal. the house oversight and government reform committee has so far launched accusations -- we're talking about the irs scandal. >> we're talking about a link up the food chain within the irs breaking out of the irs in a connection with the white house. now that has been alleged.
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meetings did take place. that is a scandal. the president has said -- >> if the white house wasn't meeting with higher ups at the irs that would be a scanndascan. you need irs meeting with the white house. accusations have been launched. three investigations, a congressional, inspector general and department of justice. so far none has come up with any evidence there was political motivation here and now words like progressive and occupy as in occupy wall street were used in this dragnet. right now darrell issa's committee made accusations these are politically motivated targeting conservatives is wrong on both counts. >> scottie? >> they are all appointed by the obama administration. all the henchmen. if you can't tell me that the department of treasury was not talking despite having the highest visitation by its director to the white house of any organization, i think it was
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three times any other department in our government, then they obviously -- i wonder what they're talking about. this would be obviously something that should be at the top of their agenda. by the way, president obama, we're going to target those people who are most vocal. >> where's the evidence? >> i got to ask you a question. are you telling me that the machinery of government, the irs, the most powerful organization in the united states bureaucracy, you are telling me that they were not used to intimidate the president's political opponents in the election last year? didn't happen? >> i'm saying it didn't happen and if it did happen, it didn't happen -- it did not happen. >> no intimidation of the tea party people. >> the president was elected on a wave of civic activism. he appreciates civic activism even if it comes from the right. there's been no evidence of any intimidation. >> let's look at the words.
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valley jarrett said that we'll remember who did not support us. she's said it. let's look at the words of the people out of the administration. >> she's not talk about going after them through the irs. the president has expressed outrage at this within days and fired people. >> why aren't heads being fired? why aren't people being fired instead of moved around and promoted? >> thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. an active debate. from american politics to british royalty. a live look now at buckingham palace on the left where we believe prince william, kate and the new baby, that's where they are now. the royal couple introduced the future king to the world not too long ago. and now the question everyone wants to know is, what's the little guy's name? we've been following the royal developments from outside of the hospital. go ahead, amy. >> reporter: we are going to have to wait a bit longer for that one. we've been referring to this week as the great kate wait and it did turn into the great kate
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camping trip. i just want to point out to you because you can see it in shots that there's a lot of dismantling of this camping area now going on. all of these barriers that were used to corral journalists and well wishers into certain safe zones, secure zones, are being taken apart. it thinned out here after the royal couple and their new baby took off. i mean, no name yet. they say they are working on it and hope to come up with one soon. i guess the poor little thing is worthy of a name but probably he's such a special infant that it's difficult to come up with the appropriate name and of course certain names could have political or historic significance and the young couple wants to make sure obviously that they send forward the right message and right symbol. we didn't get that but we did get a sense tonight of how the duke and duchess are doing. >> if you're not careful, you'll have to camp out some place else waiting for the name
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announcement and that could take quite a while. amy kellogg there in london. thanks very much. landing gone terribly wrong. now investigators are scrambling for answers. meet the aviation expert who was there and he's worried we could see this again. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. some passengers are trying to figure out when they'll feel comfortable flying again. an airline industry insider happened to be at laguardia airport when the southwest plane landed. you're in the industry. you are a former department of transportation inspector general. what do you think the problem was there? >> i think it's probably going to be a maintenance problem. this plane has not had a series of these.
1:17 pm
airbus had a series. 67 back in the late '90s and 2000. there was maintenance on the plane. various switches. hydraul hydraulics, et cetera, for the whole thing to collapse like that most likely was connectors. >> we got an update from southwest airlines today. here's what they said. the aircraft, a boeing 700 last inspected july 18th, 2013. southwest is working with boeing and the ntsb and boeing in a preliminary investigation. it was checked literally days ago. >> it was checked. it's disturbing because there are so many warning switches about the landing gear in the cockpit and the pilots did not have a warning. they didn't report it to air traffic control. they didn't have the brace for the passengers in brace position and having been there and done that, that's when they have knowledge that they've got a problem with the landing gear. that's why you tend to think it's something maintenance and it might have even been metal
1:18 pm
failure, metal fatigue. >> from your position where you sit, do you think passengers should be nervous these days about flying? >> well, i think passengers are nervous statistically speaking in the last 20 years it's been a pretty stable safety rate but for things like maintenance, we have to continually ask ourselves, are we outsourcing too much and asking too much of these planes. this is a 1999 aircraft so it's not tired iron yet. we put tremendous stresses on some airlines. >> are you saying we are outsourcing too much? >> yes. i think we are outsourcing far too much. i started seeing that when i was inspector general. too much offshore. >> i'm not a nervous flier. i'm really not. i don't worry about these things. do you? >> i do. i still fly every week. >> why? >> i think i worry because i think of all of the things that are changing. i think about outsourcing and how many more years we're putting on our planes and we really are stretching some aspects of the industry to their greater extent. >> have you ever had personal
1:19 pm
experience of something like this? i believe you have. >> i was on landing gear collapse flight myself and in that case the pilot had a warning. the gear light came on. the gear would not come down and lock. we landed in cincinnati. they had time to clear all of the other planes at the airport and the runway was lined with emergency gear. same thing happens. the tire burned down and half of the wheel hub was scraped. we all got off. >> i take the point. i think if i had been in that position, i would be a nervous flier today. thank you for joining us. the motor city goes bust and now unions are revving up the outrage. they claim they are being targeted unfairly. are they right or wrong? we report and you will decide. >> they were telling lies and not being honest to the people of michigan and fair and honest with the people of detroit. meet the newest member of the quicken loans family: j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction...
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detroit goes belly up. now a top union head lashing out for the first time. united autoworkers president bob king publicly speaking out. >> we don't want to see any workers being treated the way public employees in the city of detroit are being treated. they are telling lies and not being honest with the people of michigan and not being fair and honest with the people of detroit. >> now, he claims unions are getting a raw deal in this detroit bankruptcy mess. a democrat strategist said he's right but melissa francis says it's the great deal they've been getting all along that's the reason for this mess. you say they are to blame. make a case. >> former mayor dennis archer of detroit was on my show on fox business 5:00 p.m. as this news was breaking. he blamed the unions involved no what happened which was a change of tune for him.
1:24 pm
he said they did not come to the table giving anything in the deal. in fact, he said that they didn't come to the table the way uaw had. he said they were a good example of having bargained in good faith in the past but unions in detroit didn't do it this time and were to blame. i was shocked. i asked him to repeat the comments because he's a liberal democratic former mayor. >> because unions wouldn't come to the table, that's why they declared bankruptcy. >> that's what he said. it seems to be true. >> your answer to that? >> i think that we can agree that the burden of local corruption coupled with bank manipulation should not be put on working families. that's what's about to happen. these retirees, you can put the local corruption to the side and i used to work for mayor archer in my time at the dnc. these retirees did not go into this with any expectation of risk. constitutionally protected benefits that the governor and
1:25 pm
the attorney general of michigan are trying to do an end run michigan's constitution at the detriment of these retirees. that should not be the opening position that banks get more benefit than these retirees who did everything right. >> i absolutely agree with you. here's the problem. if you have a child and say if you work hard and get great grades, i'll buy you a car and you don't save during that period, when the time comes to buy the car, you don't have money to buy it. there's nothing that can be done about this. there's no money there to be given. it's not right to promise people benefits in exchange for their work and they believe it's there. but the city didn't put the money away. there's no money. the city is broke. the bond holders aren't going to get anything either. i looked at the numbers. there are scraps. there's nothing here to fight over. this city is broke. >> the bond holders getting more than the retirees is a broken formula. that is what the union is saying. we cannot have that happen. that's why they are fighting
1:26 pm
bankruptcy. we can't just wish the money to appear. that's absolutely the case. >> you cannot say the bond holders or the banks are getting more than the retirees. we don't know yet. the likelihood is that if i lent money to detroit, i only get 5 cents or 10 cents on the dollar back again and that's not much. >> i think if we look at the fact that people who are facing foreclosure that the majority of them are over 75 years old. we have got to prioritize our retirees over the banks who did play a role in this by selling products to this city that they didn't need and helping them to dig that hole. they knew what they were doing. they knew they were taking a risk. their risk needs to be greater than the retirees. >> should the president, the administration, find some way of helping, bailing out the unions? >> absolutely. >> you want a bailout? >> absolutely. >> do you think he's going to get it? >> i don't think he's going to do it. i don't think there's money to be had. we need to focus on a way
1:27 pm
forward for detroit. we have seen people say we need to attract businesses like google to come in and create thousands of jobs. we need to clear the decks and start again in a hopeful position. we've seen leaders come out and say detroit has been in a decline for 50 years. it's time to really reset the whole thing. >> google should do detroit as a google fiber city. >> we can all agree that we feel for those retirees who are probably not going to get what they were promised. i think we can agree on that. >> we shouldn't have a governor fighting to go against his own constitution. >> you got the last word. >> she's good at that. well done. >> both of you, thank you very much indeed. want to speed up those pat downs? all you need to do is pay up. then, forget hurrah for hollywood. why the president thinks hollywood will get people saying hurrah for his health care law. really? did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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from commander in chief to casting director? jennifer hudson and amy poehler hanging out at the white house. with more people growing pessimistic about the health care law, can hollywood really
1:32 pm
help? i put it to you. using celebrities worked before especially during the election. why won't it work again with health care? >> well, it's clear that these celebrities have a real coolness factor and the hope is they'll influence young adults especially who are necessary to buy into this system to make it work. but sadly it's going to take a lot more of an effort to get these young adults to spend thousands of dollars on overpriced health insurance. it's much easier for hollywood to convince them to go to the polls and cast a ballot. buying health insurance is another matter all together. >> hadley has a point there. celebrities have to convince young people who are healthy and who don't want health insurance to go out and buy it or go out and get a subsidy. that's going to be a tall order even for celebrities, isn't it? >> certainly celebrities aren't going to be able to force
1:33 pm
someone to buy health insurance but that's not the aim here. the aim is that they're going to reach those people who are otherwise not engaged in even knowing about the health care law and the options that are available to them. in that sense i think the celebrities can be uniquely effective in a very cost-effective manner. think about it. there are lots of ways to do outreach. most of them cost money. what the white house is doing is leveraging the free impact of celebrities and their social media channels to do something that is very cost effective and i think is going to succeed more wildly than anything that the health and human services could come up with as far as outreach is concerned. >> i have to say i'm suspicious. sounds to me like the celebrities are going to be persuading young people to go get a subsidy anchoring them to a handout. they're going to be doing that, aren't they? >> it's not hankering them to a handout. it's just providing the means for young people to actually take care of themselves and also to shore up our health care
1:34 pm
system which even if you don't believe the affordable care act is the solution, it's in bad need of reform. it's giving young people more control over their lives so they're not consumed by catastrophic debt from medical emergencies that do arise. >> maybe it is cost effective to have hollywood stars taut the health care law. what's not cost effective is spending multimillion dollar contracts to promote the health care law at large. i hope that young adults find out what options are and do research of what's in the law. four out of five young adults that buy health insurance will see taking subsidies into account, their premiums will be higher next year. it comes down to economic incentives. it's not about what being cool and doing what hollywood stars want to do. it's about pocketbooks. >> tell me about the cool factor. do you think obama care can become cool if it's promoted by celebrities? >> i don't think so.
1:35 pm
i don't think anyone will think it's cool to shell out thousands of dollars to subsidize the cost of health insurance which for decades in this country is not about preparing for a catastrophic event. it's taking money from young and healthy people among a system that's inefficient. many parties are paying into the system and we're getting a much lower value compared to cost than we could have if we had a freer market in health insurance and health care. >> who is your most effective celebrity that will push for health care? >> i see oprah on the list. i think that's going to be hugely effective. i think you're looking at other people who are wildly popular. eva longoria. amy poehler. will ferrell. through their reach you could see promotion of the health care law advising people of what's there. it could be phenomenal. it could be tremendous.
1:36 pm
>> i am inclined to agree with you. i think hollywood is probably the president's best asset at this moment. hadley, do you want to make me on on that one? >> i don't think it's going to work. this looks like a desperate attempt from the white house to make a law that's so unpopular popular. if the obama care law was likable for young adults or for anyone, they wouldn't have to spend millions of dollars on pr to enlist moms groups or enlist hollywood stars to get young adults interested. if it were a good law, people would be interested in it in the first place. >> it will be interesting to see how it turns out. both of you, thank you very much indeed. good to see you. >> thanks, stewart. can't pay for your kids' college? turns out few parents can. dave ramsey is here to help. a new warning for drivers already getting socked. what aaa is predicting that will make you want to --
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but hurry, offers end july 31st.
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>> we do apologize. dave ramsey can't be with us this afternoon because we have a technical problem. apple came out with earnings after the bell. let me explain that one. earnings is another word for profit. after the bell it means the news came out after the close of trading on the stock market. their profits, how much money they made, revenues, how much money they took in, way more than expected this is a big deal. the company saw more than 31 million iphones in the latest quarter. a quarter is a 13-week period. 31 million iphones in 13 weeks. that's up from 5 million iphone sales a year ago. sales of ipads and macs actually fell. however, the stock is way up there. it gained more than 4%. this was in after-hours trading.
1:41 pm
trading now at 4.34. that's apple. you can forget sticker shock at schools. get ready for even more at the pump. that's the warning from aaa after an incredible two-week run-up in gas prices. scott is with us. all right. tell me, how bad is this going to get? >> i think it could get worse before it gets better. that market, the crude market, which gasoline is traded off of, is looking to shock to the upside. we have had inventory problems and we've had geopolitical problems. those two things have this market scared to the upside. >> i have to watch the price of crude oil, which underlies the price of gasoline. if i see that keep on going up, gas keeps going up. you have to explain to me why is it that when we have a flood of supply and we've got very very economies around the world, why is it oil has gone to $105 $107 a barrel? >> we had a shock inventory
1:42 pm
number that came out last week. another one tomorrow. we have a geopolitical issue with egypt. they don't make any oil but they have the suez canal. it's not going to close but folks are nervous. we have seen speculative money come in to the long side. ultimately we'll climb a mountain, run out of oxygen and come back off. it won't happen until august, september. nerves are to the upside. you can see gas prices spike 20, 40, 60 cents. >> you're a speculator. are you telling me that people like you speculators, are running up the price of gas for people like me? are you saying that? >> no. i'm telling you that what speculators do is they tell people they need to make more and ultimately bring the price down so speculators can be a good thing. we'll see prices abate in august and september but right now we're still so nervous to the upside and we have new money piling in that market. it's just like climbing a mountain. we're going to run out of oxygen. that price back to 95 fairly quickly. >> in the meantime, we've got
1:43 pm
people in connecticut and california paying an average of more than $4 a gallon. you are telling me that in the immediate future, the next five or six weeks, driving season, we can expect more states to approach and maybe go above $4 a gallon. that's what you're telling me? >> yes, i am. we live in chicago. chicago has high gas prices as well. my advice to the viewers would be this. if you're getting close to empty, don't pass that gas station. hurry up and fill up short-term. it looks to go up higher in short-term before it comes off lower later. >> that's good advice from a speculator wearing a cow jacket. excellent stuff. thank you, sir. we'll see you tomorrow morning. security line. too slow? just cough up some dough. the new fee that will have you flying faster.
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new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner is set to hold a news conference moments from now after more lewd pictures surface online. please remember. it was pictures like that, lewd pictures, that's my description, which got this man out of politics sometime ago. he's going to hold a press conference because more of these pictures have surfaced. he has issued a statement. i'm going to quote from part of it. this is mr. weiner. >> he says "i said other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. but as my wife and i have said, we're focused on moving forward." he's holding a press conference moments from now. i believe at 5:00 p.m. eastern. that's about 13 minutes away. this is a very interesting development for a man who is disgraced because of lewd pictures. more pictures surfaced. he holds a press conference. he's still, i believe, a mayoral candidate in the city of new
1:48 pm
york. attorneys are joining me now to discuss this news alert literally the news has just broken. what do you make of this? is this the kiss of death to his mayoral candidacy? what do you think? >> i believe so. i really do. it's a very bad situation to be in. >> he's been through this before. he's bounced back. he was leading in the polls. you think his campaign cannot take more pictures. it depends which pictures, does it not? >> again, it's a disgrace to his campaign and it's something that, okay, the public may forgive you once but to happen again is just not -- i think it's going to be hard to recover from. >> okay. eadvantage leavan >> i think voters will forgive him once again. >> he's leading in the polls. >> they did forgive him for the first round of transgressions if i can put it like this. >> they'll view this as a distraction. >> doesn't this depend upon what
1:49 pm
pictures we're talking about? >> exactly. what types of photos. if they are similar to the ones released before, i don't think it will be a problem. something more lewd, that's much more grotesque, you might have issues. >> let me turn to you. what about the impact on mr. spitzer's campaign for comptroller of new york city? he too resigned the governorship of new york in disgrace over a sex scandal consorting with prostitutes. now we have something resurfacing with mr. weiner. would that affect him negatively? >> the public will look at it saying this is happening with mr. weiner. it happened with spitzer. a lot of times the public will forgive and allow them to do it again. it's to a point where it is becoming ridiculous. >> i'm with you on that one. all right. what do you say? >> it's a whole different orbit
1:50 pm
as far as i'm concerned. i'm very shocked that people are actually supporting him. the types of acts that he committed were different and the fact that he had support is very surprising to me. >> he's leading in the polls. he's got significant -- he's got a big lead in the polls actually. >> polls don't vote on election day. he's got a strong candidate running against him with a wonderful record. i asked if mr. weiner wins the mayor's chair and you win the comptroll comptroller, he said doesn't new york become a laughing stock. he said i was asking an insulting question. >> they are public figures representing the people. if new york elects these officials despite these ridiculous things that have happened, it will make new york a laughing stock. it's a very legitimate question. and concern.
1:51 pm
>> what can you tell us? >> apparently the married disgraced congressman didn't learn his lesson after a sex scandal that led to his political demise two years ago. once again anthony weiner and his inappropriate sexting with women other than his wife has been exposed to the public. the site is called the dirty posting images of conversations that came from weiner under carlos danger to a 22-year-old woman. the unanimous woman told the dirty her online relationship with weiner lasted for six months and he promised her many things. most notably a condo in chicago. today weiner issued a statement which reads in part, "i said that other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. as i have said in the past, these things that i did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from congress while some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, no question that what i did is
1:52 pm
wrong. this behavior is behind me." weiner goes on to say he and his wife have since made up and she forgive him and they are focused on moving forward. as for his future political career, that comes into question again. does timing of these alleged messages -- the woman tells the web side she carried on the relationship until august 2012. you would remember that that is well after his resignation in june 2011. if you remember, weiner publicly apologized to the voting public and vowed that he would get help and that he would learn from his mistakes. the most recent mayoral poll conducted by "the new york times" siena college taken earlier this month showed him doing quite well in fact if the democratic primary were being held today the lead candidates would be christine quinn at 27% and anthony weiner in second at 18%. that could change and remains to be seen how he fares. i don't know what voters are going to think when they go to
1:53 pm
pre press weiner in their voting booth and what images will pop through their minds. i'll leave it there. >> you're on dangerous ground. okay. thank you very much indeed. any last words? >> new york city rough and tumble world when it comes to politics. you never know what to expect. i think at the end of the day the voters will make the right decision regardless of what the polls say. >> the right decision? they'll vote for weiner? you think that's the right decision? >> i didn't say i thought that was the right decision. i think they'll pick credible candidates at the end. >> last word? >> unfortunately sometimes the public feels sex sells. this is controversial but who cares. it's new york. people forgive you. it's life. i don't agree with it. i don't think he should be an elected official. >> fascinating. thanks very much. appreciate it. do you want to avoid the tsa pat downs? prepare to pay up. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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hate to wait? open your wallet. the tsa announcing it will expand its express security programs at all airports and allow any u.s. citizen to use it. the catch? it is going to cost you. travel zoo ceo has all of the details. take me through it, gabe, please. what do i do, sign up someplace, through i go, pay my fee? >> that's it. stewart, imagine a world you show up in the security line, there's no one ahead of you, keep your belt and shoes on, laptop stays in the bag, liquids in the bag. walk through, tsa smiles at you, you're out in 60 seconds. that's the reality for a lot of frequent fliers part of the precheck program. so far people that are in it were randomly selected, frequent or elite fliers on the major airlines out there, that's the reality. i can tell you, i have been able to get on two flights in chicago
1:58 pm
and newark, only because i was able to get on the tsa precheck line. it is a way to streamline security. now starting fall of this year, it will be expanded to everybody. >> you mentioned a catch, that would be a fee. how much. >> there is a fee. it is $85 to enroll, but that's for five years. that allows you to stay in the system as a trusted traveler and now it is not as easy as writing an $85 check. you have to apply online, then show up to an enrollment center, first there will only be two, one at dulles in d.c. and one at indianapolis airport. by the end of the year, more centers. you have to physically show up to the centers, offer up fingerprints and id. once in the system, there's a randomness. it doesn't mean every time you'll be allowed in the expedited line. but even if it is the percentage nonetheless going to make that $85 worst it for the five years.
1:59 pm
it is a beautiful way to go. >> looks to me like a signal that weariesing back on strictness of tsa checks. are we? >> i don't think so. i think the fact there's randomness aspect to it means that everybody still has to be on their toes, and i think what they're doing is they're expecting 25% of fliers, 12 million by end of the year, to be enrolled in it. the vast majority, 75, will not be enrolled. it is a way to scrutinize people that may be more red flaggers than not. those that are regular travelers and those travelers who actually have, you know, fingerprints and id verified in a system will make it easier for them. >> gabe, i tell you, i think it will be more popular than that. a lot of people will avoid taking shoes off and the liquids out. >> i agree. >> gabe, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> see you at the precheck line. >> you will.
2:00 pm
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